If you are as new as a baby to minecraft then you need to give yourself a quick tour. Yes, it’s quick, and it’s also fun and easy when you watch your demo video on websites like funminecraftgames.com. It’s not just one, but a few cool fun to watch videos that you’ll be going through.  

Because these videos are fun to watch, it should be no trouble for you to spend as much time as is needed. That way you get to learn how to play minecraft well. It is not the easiest of online games to play. Just ask any of the thousands (or is that number a lot higher by now – because, gosh, this game really is that popular) online gamers. But be careful when you do this, they may not wish to be disturbed or disrupted from their gaming activities.

If you are really after the best guidance and inspiration then you will be making full use of funminecraftgames.com online forums. Rub shoulder with the best, and learn from the best. You can even go to Minecraft Wiki for a full appreciation of this game’s legacy and how it operates. You can take pen and paper, if you like, or you can just stick around with your desktop, something you should be quite comfortable using by now. Take extra time out to look and learn. Look and learn by watching those video demonstrations again.

Look, learn and read. Follow the easy to follow steps that show you how to make sure you are tuned into your settings. Learn the basics of these and then proceed to learn how to configure the controls like a supremo. You will need to spend time learning all the basic rules of the game. After you have done that, you should be better placed to learn how to and practice the process of gathering wood. In this game you have to punch, not gather, off tree blocks. You then need to convert them into wooden planks.


Wooden planks, indeed, what else could it have been. You will also have to settle into the game’s main theme. And by dint of the game’s very name, that theme is the action of crafting. When you go crafting, you will be taking the stacked wooden planks and converting them into a crafting table. To do this crafting exercise well, you are going to need a pickaxe. And yes, you are going to need to craft this vital tool too. The pickaxe is an extremely important tool for the world-famous game of minecraft.

We have only mentioned a couple of the basics to you here, but that pickaxe of yours is going to be used for a number of other important minecrafting resources as well. So, you had best prepare your battle axes, there is much learning for you to do still. It’s a little bit of a challenging game to play, but it’s really fun.